Gravy Friday Turns Zero!

Goodness gracious, that's good!

If you happen to possess a heart melting (yet borderline disturbing) love for gravy like I do…then let me extend my toasty oven mit and shake your darling little hand! Welcome, fellow gravy partner! Now before I continue, if you are a non-gravy fan please head on over to – and let me take this moment to truly wish you all the best with your dry-biscuit-and-naked-chicken-fried-steak future. If you do change your mind later on and want to join me over here on the gravyside, I’ll be waiting…or wading rather, in my luscious gravy pool anticipating your return. With that said, all gravy lovers proceed!

By now you probably realize that gravy is my very best friend. I sometimes believe its warm, binding qualities are responsible for holding my very existence together when times are rough, or that it’s the life fuel marinating deep within my veins. I dream about it, sing about it, yearn for it – I may even pledge allegiance to it if I’m feeling political and it’s election time. About once a week I bust out my iron skillet and whirl up some southern gravy, just like my Great Grandma used to make – because that’s what makes me happy. So you get it, I’m gravy crazy. If you are new to gravy hankering, it won’t take long to fall in love, or at least live vicariously through my love. And I’m always down to share some love.

What’s Gravy Friday? It was inspired by David “Pawn” Sandstrom when he replied to one of my many gravy-related tweets this morning, asking me to make a song called Gravy Friday. One thing led to the next and wah-lah, Gravy Friday was born! Proof you say? Hold your hats…

Insanely inspiring Twitter screen shot

Since David is such an awesome fella, I decided to not only start a song called Gravy Friday in his honor today, but I thought I should make Gravy Friday an official weekly jubilee for everyone to partake in. By official, I mean announcing it on this here blog and hoping you do a little dance or something from excitement…and of course celebrate by sending me your favorite gravy happenings!

So basically my darlings, Gravy Friday is whatever you want it to be as long as the gravy’s invited! I bet you’re wondering how many times can I type “gravy” and “Friday” in this post? Maybe I should start referring to it as GF…

Well alright! I celebrated my first official GF for breakfast this morning. Fresh San Francisco sourdough, hashbrowns, eggs, and chicken gravy!

Gravy Friday's First Breakfast

Gravy Friday's First Breakfast

What makes you wanna celebrate Gravy Friday?

Feel free to pour some photos, stories, links, or gravy on me! I will post your greatest pickin’s every Friday!

Beige, yellow, brown, white – all gravies shall unite.


Your Gravy Godmother


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