Fearless Skillet Gravy! [Recipe]

Have no worries, your calendar stands correct! It’s Wednesday and Gravy Friday is still two days away, but I just want to sneak in a quick little basic gravy recipe (for all the gravy-curious folks out there). So leave those gravy lump fears behind, get out your whisk, and demote that can of brown gravy you bought at the supermarket this week to door stopper! It’s time to keep it real and fill every inch of your home with 100% authentic gravilicious aroma!

Now there’s a whole slew of ways to make gravy, but my favorite is using a well-seasoned iron skillet to do the job. Don’t have one? Shame on you. All good! You can use any skillet or saucepan of your liking, but an iron skillet is truly the best. Not just because it’s the method my grandma and great grandma used (and pretty much everyone in the South) but I love the nostalgia of a good old skillet, and the unique flavor it infuses into the gravy will have you hankering for more.

Below is a basic recipe for gravy that shows the gist of what makes gravy “gravy”. I’ve also added a few whistle-and-bell options for those who’d like to expand their gravy horizons (oooh, that sounds fancy)!

Fearless Skillet Gravy

Fearless Skillet Gravy

So delicious, you’ll want to brush your teeth with it!

Serving size: 4 (although I can eat this all by myself)


2 Tablespoons oil or unsalted butter

3-4 Tablespoons of flour

2 cups milk

salt & pepper

→ Directions:

  1. Heat oil or butter on medium heat; slowly whisk in flour.
  2. Continue to whisk, cooking for a few minutes until a soft paste has formed (called roux).
  3. Turn heat down to medium-low; slowly whisk in milk.
  4. Continue to whisk, smoothing out any lumps.
  5. Turn up heat to medium and keep that whisk movin’ until gravy thickens!
  6. For a thinner gravy, add more liquid.
  7. Salt-and-pepper generously!

Ivy Something's Inside Scoop

Substitute milk with (or combine 50/50 with) chicken, beef, pork, or vegetable stock for more flavor

Substitute oil with leftover fried-chicken grease, bacon cracklins, beef fat, or any other fat/oil. This is what will give your gravy the most flavor.

No more lumps! Say good-bye to lumpy gravy by throwing it in the blender for a couple seconds! Just do it quick when Grandma isn’t looking! 😉



I dedicate this recipe to my momma. Without her, I’d be gravy-less!

Info below is approximate:

Did you make this recipe? If so, I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. origin says :

    I have a toothbrush. =)

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